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Meditation and mindfulness today has become an alternative way of therapy believed to heal a variety of problems by releasing stress. It basically involves focusing on a particular thing or activity like breathing where the mind is freed from all other distractions except that one thing or activity. Concentrative and non-concentrative are the two broad classifications of meditation.

The former involves focusing on a particular object outside the body like music, candle’s flame whereas the latter focuses on internal body states and breathing. However the two techniques may overlap in some cases.

Meditation music can be used in both the forms. In one the focus may only be music whereas in the other it can be combined with breathing.

Music has been proven by scientists to have effects on the brain waves and certain music have been known to slow down the brain waves to make one experience the feeling of tranquility. This type of meditation is useful for all music lovers and for those who find it difficult to do normal meditation. Sounds in nature like that of waterfall and classical music are widely used.

Get Free Professional Made Meditation Music

Luckily for us Spotify gives us a lot of High Qulaity free Meditation music. Below are my favorite music for meditation and relaxing. It’s all free on Spotify so just listen and enjoy….

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How to meditate using music?

  • Select a music that you love and find soothing
  • Set up your music system/mp3 player properly so that you are not disturbed due to any technical problem
  • Sit down or lie down in a position which is absolutely comfortable for you
  • Breathe deeply and focus on the music and your breathing or just on the music and let yourself flow along with the music into a completely relaxed state of mind
  • Free yourself from all other thoughts except the feeling of music and when the music stops don’t just snap out of your relaxed state but breathe deeply again and slowly readjust yourself to your surroundings.

Music has always been known to be a stress reliever and when you combine meditation along with it then you are bound to get rid of stress.


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